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KT Coolers offers a complete line of Custom Meat Trolley and Rail Systems for any Deer/Game Walk In Cooler.

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pdf Download some examples of custom Meat Trolley Rail Systems we have designed for past customers.

meat trolley rail system track

Our Meat Rail Tracks are high carbon round edge hardened steel which reduces wear on wheels and tracking--no sharp edges to flake off onto product or to grind down the inside groove of wheels.

meat trolley rail system hangers

The structural shape of our Rail Track Hanger Arms provides maximum strength with least weight.

meat trolley rail system meat trolley switch

Our Meat Track Conveyor Switches are patented and provide positive actuation of the double lift accomplished through steel gears.

meat trolley rail system meat trolley hook

Our Meat Trolley Hooks are well built and made out of high quality materials.

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